Teras Terrace

Winifred "Winnie" Lovewort

Winifred "Winnie" Lovewort is the oldest resident of Teras Terrace. Not in the sense that she's lived in the Terrace the longest, but in the sense that she has been alive longer than any other resident, having been born—or spawned, or whatever verb is appropriate to however she came into being—millions, if not billions, of years ago. This isn't to say she's been about and aware all that time; the vast majority she has spent in a state of unconscious torpor, with relatively brief intermittent periods of activity. Still, she takes pride in her great age and alleged wisdom, and is fond of pointing out that despite her advanced years she is entirely free of wrinkles. (The fact that this might have something to do with her bloblike consistency is not necessarily lost on her interlocutors.)

Apparently at random, Winnie continually grows arms of some yellowish crystalline substance. While these arms are fully mobile and useful for fine manipulation, they are quite brittle, and break off very easily, so that at any given time Winnie usually only has one or two functional arms and a handful of broken stumps (which eventually dissolve back into her body). Winnie seems largely indifferent to her arms breaking off, only bothered if a lost arm happens to take with it an article of her jewelry. Winnie's arms remain independently mobile for some time after breaking off, and while they seem unintelligent, or at best no more intelligent than a mouse, they are still occasionally capable of, as Winnie puts it, "getting into mischief".