Teras Terrace

Ursula Xant

Ursula Xant is one of the most respected and highly regarded residents of Teras Terrace, for reasons that nobody seems to be able to make quite clear to the Mongleys. There is occasional talk of some tragic past she suffered through, but, again, the Mongleys never seem to be able to get a straight answer about the details, and what details they do hear seem baffling at best. Whatever the reason, however, the Terrace's other residents seem to bend over backward to satisfy Ursula's every whim... and Ursula has some very odd whims. Not helping matters is the fact that Ursula is also the head of the Terrace's Conformance Committee, which ensures that all the Terrace's residences are decorated meet appropriate æsthetic standards. In practice, the Conformance Committee is mostly a formality; Teras Terrace is much more lenient in its standards than most gated communities, perhaps of necessity due to its extremely eclectic populace. Every once in a while, however, Ursula makes an apparently nonsensical demand that the Terrace's other residents rush to comply with. If a front yard in the Terrace has a particularly odd ornament in it, there's a good chance that Ursula was responsible.

Ursula is also often charged with helping plan holiday observances and other community events, a task to which she generally puts her own special and seemingly inexplicable touches.