Teras Terrace

Salmonella Wetherwood

Salmonella Wetherwood has seen a business opportunity and seized it: since most of the denizens of Teras Terrace can't safely leave the Terrace and shop outside, and since the Terrace is a community with relatively limited space that can't possibly have specialty shops catering to everything its residents might want, there's a need for something resembling a general store. Salmonella runs just such a store, an establishment she calls Sally's Sundries. (Despite the name of her store, Salmonella hates being called "Sally", and will not hesitate to make her displeasure known.) Though her store has a relatively small and unassuming exterior, there's much more to it than is immediately apparent, given that the structure extends several stories underground—just how many stories, nobody but Salmonella is quite sure.

Irascible and opinionated (though scrupulously honest), Salmonella has a reputation as someone to be handled with kid gloves and never crossed. She does, however, have a soft spot for children, or at least for well-behaved children, and isn't above giving out a gift or two to a child she develops a fondness for.