Teras Terrace

Rutherford Lund

Rutherford Lund works as a safety inspector for Pretorius Technology, reviewing and regulating not only its research equipment but also the Terrace's residences and public areas, since the entire gated community is owned and run by the corporation. Conscientious in his duties, he is meticulous in his inspections and insistent in his demands for improvements.

Although he lacks any arms or other physical manipulating limbs, Rutherford has a potent telekinetic ability manifested through his eyes—not only those on his head, but the eye on the stalk on the top of his body as well. He also lacks a mouth to speak with, having only a pointed proboscis which he can suck liquids through but which is useless for vocalization. To communicate, therefore, he uses an Etch-A-Sketch-like tablet mounted to his front, which he manipulates telekinetically, ringing a bell mounted above it to get people's attention when he has something to "say".