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Rupert and Hepzibah Middleboroughleigh

Rupert and Hepzibah Middleboroughleigh are two young children whom Niamh babysits from time to time. They enjoy playing both with dolls and stuffed animals and with other toys—and for that matter with random objects not intended as toys. They play with them in a rather unconventional manner, however; they enjoy building things using the dolls and action figures, while acting out scenarios with the other objects as if they were alive. Both Rupert and Hepzibah also have well-developed coteries of imaginary friends, who—according to the kids' accounts—frequently engage in violent combat with each other.

Niamh's first time babysitting them was something of a challenge, since they both have some rather unusual needs, but over time she's managed to more or less get used to their odd requirements. She still does encounter the occasional unfamiliar situation, however, and babysitting the Middleboroughleigh kids never ceases to be a challenge.