Teras Terrace

Remmie Kazar

Remmie Kazar ("Remmie" is short for "Rembrandt", though that isn't common knowledge) is a resident of Teras Terrace who works as a spacetime mechanic, repairing unwanted distortions in the spatial fabric of the universe(s). (He sometimes introduces himself as a "quantum mechanic", but quickly thereafter acknowledges that that's just a bad pun.) Spacetime repair jobs pay very well, but are very infrequent, which means that Remmie has a lot of spare time on his hands, most of which he spends hanging out at Lou's Barnaclorium—Remmie is one of Lou's regulars, and during the Bar's business hours he can be found there more often than not.

While he seems content to sit around the Bar with a "barnacle" or two stuck to him, Remmie does have some ideas for improvements—he's been trying to convince Lou to install some pinball machines. So far, Lou has given in so far as to install a single machine, but its low popularity has not encouraged him to add more.