Teras Terrace

Raul Duhagon

Raul Duhagon is a student in Niamh's class at Teras High who is known for his artistic inclinations; his tendency to be constantly drawing in class annoys some of his teachers but makes him the darling of the art teacher, Mx. Ludibarn. Raul likes drawing and sculpting a variety of subjects, from still lives to portraits to complex panoramas, but especially secretly enjoys drawing a superhero universe of his own invention, one where the heroes are monstrous inhuman creatures like him and most Teras Terrace inhabitants, who are famous and honored instead of sequestered away in a secretive gated community.

Raul is one of the star players on the Teras High snoutball team, though he actually has little interest in the sport and joined the team only because he felt somewhat obligated to do so given how well his anatomy lends itself to the sport... the definition of "snout" in the official snoutball rules is vague enough that the numerous flexible tubes that cover Raul's body qualify, and his protrusion of "snouts" gives him a distinct advantage in the game.