Teras Terrace

Ramiro Adelar

Ramiro Adelar works as a security guard at a number of establishments at Teras Terrace. He is able to fulfill this function at multiple places at once thanks to his removable eyes; Ramiro has a large number of eyes which he cab readily take out of their sockets and which he can continue to see through regardless of their distance from his body. (Just as importantly, he also somehow has the mental ability to effectively process the separate simultaneous input from each eye.) He therefore places one eye in front of a security monitor in each place he's working at, and is able to watch them all at the same time while his main body makes a circuit between them. The empty socket left when an eye is removed serves Ramiro as a mouth. In fact, these are his only mouths, so Ramiro must have at least one eye out of its socket to be able to eat or speak. In practice, he generally has at least a dozen eyes scattered around at any given time, so this isn't a problem.

Given that he is essentially working so many jobs at once, Ramiro has a sizable income, much of which he invests back into Pretorius Technologies, of which, though he doesn't boast about the fact, he's actually a significant stockholder. He also invests a significant amount in research into space exploration—an avid amateur astronomer, Ramiro also generally has at least one eye in front of a telescope every night.