Teras Terrace

Raine Scorgum

Raine Scorgum is another member of the large extended family of monsters that lives in the Mongleys' plumbing. Raine is the intellectual of the group, and Jag Tallerson and the rest of the clan look to þim for any needed calculations or esoteric knowledge. Raine is always focused on improving þir vocabulary, and tends to pick a word a day to focus on and incorporate into conversation as much as possible—even if that means forcing the word into conversations in strained and awkward ways.

Raine's physical form actually comprises two disconnected parts: the head, and a main trunk with a hand on each end. Þe usually "walks" on one hand while holding þir head in the other, and uses þir trunk and, if necessary, tongue to handle objects, but when þe needs to write or perform other tasks þir trunk and tongue aren't up for þe can set þir head down to free up þir hand.