Teras Terrace


P*, even more than most residents of Teras Terrace, seems to miss nis home (wherever that is), to such a degree that ne continually tries to make the Terrace more like it. Ne does this primarily by planting various examples of flora from nis homeworld, despite the fact that much of this flora is highly dangerous to other lifeforms for various reasons. Pretorius Technologies has expressly forbidden P* from further planting, but this doesn't seem to deter ner from doing it anyway. No one is entirely sure just where ne is getting all the seeds... some representatives of Pretorius Technologies have purchased seeds from P* ostensibly for research, though perhaps really more in part to deplete P*'s supply (though this doesn't seem to have been very effective in practice) and partly because they felt sorry for ner. The company has placed a high priority on finding just where P* came from and finding a way to send ner back there, but so far without success.

P*'s name is pronounced by making a popping sound with the lips, "P*" being the best representation Pretorius human resources could figure out for representing this sound. Actually, P*'s name is apparently supposed to be pronounced as two simultaneous popping sounds pitched a certain interval apart, but as this is impossible to produce by the human vocal apparatus or those of most residents of the Terrace, P* seems willing to answer to the simpler version of nis name.