Teras Terrace

Pimbleton Prupp

Pimbletop Prupp is a sessile creature affixed to a stony outcrop on a hill on the outskirts of Teras Terrace. While he can't physically move his body, he has the ability somehow to project semi-tangible simulacra over large distances, allowing him to virtually appear at faraway locations, while his actual body remains on the hill. The utility of this power has not been overlooked by Pretorious Technologies, which pays Pimbleton to serve as a troubleshooter in hazardous areas where it would be dangerous to physically pass, or sometimes to convey goods and messages over large distances, if circumstances permit that to be done without Pimbleton being seen by anyone who doesn't and shouldn't know the Terrace's secret.

Pimbleton has found another use for his abilities for more personal benefit: projecting himself surreptitiously into movie theaters, either near the ceiling, mostly embedded in a wall, or somewhere else he can escape notice and watch movies for free. Watching movies is therefore one of Pimbleton's preferred pastimes, and he's generally up on all the latest releases... even those in limited release not playing in Teras Terrace's sole movie theater.

Pimbleton does also occasionally crave socialization, though, and since he can't physically visit other people, he arranges for them to come to him instead. Pimbleton throws frequent parties, no less elaborate for their outdoor hillsite location. Often these parties are themed around recent movies, drawing from Pimbleton's other interest.