Teras Terrace

Perry Lee

Perry Lee is a small red creature shaped like a truncated cone that on its own can barely move, and has no way to take on sustenance. Both these problems are overcome when Perry is attached to a host; when Perry affixes himself to a larger creature with the toothed suckerlike mouth on his underside, he can draw nutrients from said creature through hidden mouthparts adapted for the purpose. Perry is quite versatile in his symbiotic potential, and can use as a host almost any biological organism of sufficient size, with little regard for the details of its biochemistry, but he can survive only a few hours without a host before falling into a torpor, and presumably would not long thereafter starve. Residents of the Terrace take turns hosting Perry, who does do what he can to pay them back for the favor. Perry has the ability to transmit and receive electromagnetic radiation of various wavelengths, and will put that ability to use for his hosts' benefit in whatever way seems suitable. Lacking conventional vocal organs, he also uses this ability to communicate, transmitting radio waves to a speaker or walkie-talkie his host carries.

Perry makes a living as a voice actor and audio book reader, which he can do without producing sound directly but projecting electromagnetic waves corresponding to the sound of his "voice" directly into recording devices. Having no home of his own and few possessions and consuming no food except what he takes in through his host, he has few expenses of his own, and most of what he does spend goes toward monetarily compensating his hosts, if no better method of renumeration presents itself. This may not use up all his income, though, and it's rumored that Perry has quite a bit of accumulated money squirreled away in his savings account.