Teras Terrace

Noelle Zark

Noelle Zark is the head keeper of the Pretorius Preserve, or as Teras Terrace residents call it the "zoo" (sometimes "Zark's Zoo"), where are kept many bestial monsters created or brought by Pretorius Technologies that lack the intelligence to be contributing members of Teras Terrace society. Noelle is very protective of her charges, each of which she names, and while she allows Pretorius biologists to examine them, she does her best to keep them as happy and healthy as possible and to make sure none of them come to harm.

While she cares for the denizens of the Preserve, Noelle doesn't lack a desire for more intelligent companionship, and she does leave her domain for visits and social events… though she often brings along a "friend" from the zoo. She's fond of board games, though her "friends" often prove disruptive of such pursuits.