Teras Terrace

Maura Tregane

Maura Tregane is a member of Tabitha Forthright's book club who has a tendency toward vocally relating the book under discussion to her own life and feelings. While she comes across as quite vain, Maura does have a generous side to her personality that comes out when she encounters someone in need... or on birthdays and holidays, when she enjoys showering friends and acquaintances with gifts of dubious suitability.

Maura never goes anywhere without her husband Horace—not because they're emotionally attached, though they no doubt are, but because they're physically attached. Horace is completely fused to Maura and has become little more than a lump on her side. Despite his lack of a mouth, he can make muffled meeping noises, but Maura seems to be the only one who can understand what he's saying.