Teras Terrace

Lucinda Wei

Lucinda Wei is a student with Wade Mongley in the fifth-grade class at Teras Elementary School who has something of an obsession with slime. She brings up slime at every opportunity, whether or not it has much to do with what is going on, and often laments the fact that she doesn't have a way of producing slime, unlike so many other residents of the Terrace... all she can produce is silver dust and spiders. Lucinda has at home a large collection of slime that she keeps in sealed jars, and often talks about her dream of one day having a house with large pools of all different sorts of slime.

Aside from her slime obsession, Lucinda is an intelligent and friendly student who especially likes English and history class, largely because she can read aloud from the texts and give the different characters (or different historical figures) different funny voices.