Teras Terrace

Logan Ward

Logan Ward is a young Teras Terrace resident who works as a lifeguard, sometimes at the Terrace's one public swimming pool and sometimes at the closest thing the Terrace has to a beach, the shore of Lake Lotan, the artificial lake that Pretorius Technologies built at the back of the property mostly for the benefit of the amphibious inhabitants. (Fully aquatic creatures live at another facility, Atlantic Acres, but given that it's completely beneath the ocean's surface it's not suitable for residents who can't spend all their time underwater.) Despite his seemingly happy-go-lucky nature, Logan is conscientious about his job, and quick to respond to any apparent need for help.

While lacking fins or arms or any other limbs besides his tentacles, the holdfasts at his ventral surface, and the thin peduncles that hold his eyes and mouths, Logan is still a very capable swimmer, propelling himself with jets of water like an octopus. Though it takes more effort, he can do something similar with air to speed his otherwise ungainly progress on land. The main trunk of Logan's body is mostly made of muscle, a fact he likes to bring up. Intent on keeping in shape, Logan is a regular customer of Jameson Thwark's training business.