Teras Terrace

Kimiko Amigara

Kimiko Amigara is the thirteen-year-old daughter of Junji and Tomi Amigara, and a student at Teras Elementary School. Physically, Kimiko is essentially just a mass of liquid with a few eyes and other organs suspended in it. To protect her and give her better mobility and dexterity, Junji Amigara has had constructed a transparent shell to contain her. While Kimiko can technically survive outside the cell, she has very limited power to move on her own or manipulate objects.

While a part of her aspires toward a scientific career—if largely, though not entirely, to avoid disappointing her father"Kimiko's real interest is in folklore and mythology. She is especially interested in the traditional Japanese spirits called yōkai, about which she is a fount of information. Perhaps not entirely unrelated is the fact that she is also an aficionado of scary stories and horror movies, and loves little more than a good fright.