Teras Terrace

Mrs. Kim

Cashmere Kim is the head librarian of Teras Terrace's only public library... which of necessity is independently administered and not part of the municipal public library system. She runs the library with an iron fist, intolerant of any threats to its organization and quiet. While well-read and knowledgeable about literature of all eras, Mrs. Kim has a secret weakness for romance novels, her occasional attempts to write her own stymied by her tendency toward overexplanation.

Mrs. Kim has no obvious prehensile limbs, her only obvious appendages apart from her two walking legs being two stumps that dangle uselessly below her body. She's more capable than she initially appears, however, since in fact she can move and manipulate all of the shaggy hair that hangs over her body, giving her not two or four arms but thousands of prehensile tendrils. Mrs. Kim has many eyes, each of them different (and perhaps possessed of slightly different abilities). The exact number of eyes she has isn't clear, since they're usually covered by her hair, which she parts to expose whichever eyes she chooses to use at a given moment.