Teras Terrace

Hexacritha "Hex" Bogomilj

Hexacritha "Hex" Bogomolj is Teras Terrace's main, and in fact only, realtor, keeping track of the Terrace's properties and preparing them for new residents as needed. She also does some dealings in real estate outside the Terrace, though this is made more difficult by the fact she can't speak to her clients in person. Nevertheless, her real estate dealings outside the Terrace are growing, and now are possibly responsible for more of her income than the properties inside the Terrace that she sells and manages.

Hex is a great believer in family values, though her definition is somewhat different from that of most humans, or even most other residents of the Terrace. Apparently family dynamics among Hex's species are quite complex, and include some relationships not found in most other cultures, so when Hex says, for instance, that two people behave as if they were first-tier metacousins, no one else is quite sure what she means.