Teras Terrace

Dexter Wedebi

Dexter Wedebi ("like, 'Way to be!'", as he's fond of introducing himself) works with Yok at the Teras Terrace Bingeburgers. Easygoing and philosophical, he's prone to muse aloud on whatever catches his attention, and raise questions he appear to think are more profound than they seem to anyone else. (He frequently adjures his interlocutors to "Think about it.")

Dexter shares a house with four friends who together play in a band long on aspiration and short on accomplishments and, arguably, on talent. The band's name tends to change from week to week or even day to day. Dexter plays the guitar; the arrangement of his tentacles allows him to play two guitars at once (though not necessarily particularly well), and he often talks about working up to three.