Teras Terrace

Delinda East

Delinda East is a hairdresser and beautician who works at Selcouth Salon, one of two beauty parlors in Teras Terrace. While she'll follow directions that she's given, if left to her own devices she tends to apply excessive amounts of makeup to her customers, especially in shades of blue and purple. She also has some more extreme "beautifying" techniques she's eager to try out whenever she can find an excuse to do so, consisting of serums and treatments that alter her clients' bodies in various ways.

As she floats through the air (her eyes floating nearby her and not apparently physically attached to her body), Delinda perpetually emits a cloud of aromatic purplish gas, which she refers to as her "nimbus". Given her frequent offers to give her clients "nimbuses" of their own, it's not entirely clear whether this gas is an uncontrollable byproduct of her alien bodily processes, or something she intentionally designed because she finds the vapors pleasing.