Teras Terrace

Daramone Derayne

Daramone Derayne is the head of the Brotherhood, a fraternal organization of Teras Terrace residents that is in principle dedicated to self-betterment and the pursuit of certain ideals. In practice, the Brotherhood tends to be more dedicated to competition with a similar organization, the Sisterhood, and Daramone is a bitter personal rival of the head of the Sisterhood, Meredith 23.

Daramone considers himself an avid intellectual and an aficianado of recondite puzzles, and is eager to put others through mental challenges. He is loath to give a straight answer to a question when he can respond with a clever riddle or, better still, a complex trail of devious clues. Fortunately for those who have to deal with him, he often has a tendency to "outsmart himself" and end up accidentally leaving handy a figurative sword to cut through his Gordian knots.

A devoted œnophile, Daramone is rarely seen without a glass of wine in his tentacle. Indeed, wine is the source of his livelihood; Daramone maintains a small vineyard in the hills behind the Terrace, and even exports his wine to the rest of the world under the label "Maison Derayne," though he's not necessarily forthcoming about all its ingredients. His most celebrated vintage is a dark red wine called Bête Noire.