Teras Terrace


A resident of Teras Terrace's orphanage, Bunches is notable for the number of birthday parties that jee has thrown for jem. Bunches is made up of a number of children all, as jee puts it, "mooshed together" in a laboratory accident, and, while jee is now one gestalt being with a single personality, jee takes advantage of the circumstances of jeir origin by celebrating the birthdays of each of jeir component children. (More than once someone has suggested to Bunches that it would make more sense to hold as jeir birthday the day of the accident that formed jem, but Bunches marshals impassioned arguments against this idea.)

Given that Bunches is made up of both male and female children and in jeir current state is both and neither, Gladys Humberwort, the director of the orphanage, left it up to Bunches jemself what pronouns should be used to refer to jem. She doesn't particularly approve of jeir choice, but assumes jee'll grow out of it.