Teras Terrace

Anthony and Morgana Belwin

Anthony and Morgana Belwin are the foster parents of Theretta Belwin, the bully of Niamh's high school class. They may be vaguely aware of their foster daughter's bullying, but they're largely in denial about it, and to the extent that they are willing to admit the problem to themselves they're not sure what to do about it. All in all, the Belwins—Anthony in particular—tend to project an air of benign befuddlement.

Anthony has a habit of talking like a father from a fifties sitcom, making liberal use of the words "champ" and "golly". His hobbies include running model trains, or at least model vehicles of some sort, though their resemblance to trains is slight at best. Morgana is the more level-headed of the two, if perhaps not by much, and delivers frequent ineffectual reprimands which convey little more than mild disappointment. She dotes on her collection of songbirds, or at least songcreatures—many of them bear as little resemblance to birds as Anthony's model vehicles do to trains.