Teras Terrace

Aurora Wing

Aurora Wing is a regular participant in Nirelda's yoga class, who is occasionally frustrated by the way the tiny thorns that line her body sometimes tend to stick to the yoga mats. She works for Pretorius Technology's legal department, specifically in drafting and reviewing contracts. (Of course, her work with other Pretorius lawyers is done remotely, without their knowing what she looks like; the nature of Teras Terrace and its residents is kept on a need-to-know basis even within Pretorius Technologies, and very few employees outside the Terrace are considered to need to know.)

What she'd really like to do is become a singer, and she thinks she has the voice to possibly hit it big... were it not that this would inevitably lead to demand for in-person appearances, which she couldn't make for obvious reasons. Schemes have occasionally crossed her mind for getting someone to play the public role of the singer while lip-syncing to her performances, or otherwise trying to launch a singing career without having to show what she looks like, but she's forced herself to dismiss them all as impracticable... so far. In any case, while she can't sing professionally, she seldom misses an opportunity to share her talent within the Terrace.