Teras Terrace

Dr. Ariel

Dr. Ariel is Teras Terrace's sole dentist, as well as its sole optometrist. While this may seem an odd combination of jobs, Dr. Ariel says that "eyes and teeth are basically the same thing." (It's not at all clear, to Branton Mongley at least, just what they mean by this.)

Dr. Ariel so enjoys their dental and optometrical work that they pursue it as a hobby even in their spare time. In order to have an adequate sample of eyes and teeth to work on, Dr. Ariel cultivates blobs and sheets of flesh that are almost featureless except for eyes and mouths, growing them in various containers and on various surfaces. They're quick to offer some of these bits to patients and friends, as well, considering eyes and teeth a wonderful element of dècor. (Relatively few Terrace residents have taken the doctor up on this offer, but there are a few that now have their own flowerpots full of eye- and tooth-studded tissue.)