Teras Terrace

Waranda, Maximus, and Cole

Waranda, Maximus, and Cole make up the staff of the Teras Terrace Airport. Intended only for official use by Pretorius Technologies, the airport is hidden in the hills behind the community. In order to avoid attracting attention, the company avoids using the airport unless absolutely necessary, so, while they are fully qualified to work as air traffic controllers when the need comes up, the staff spend most of their time just maintaining the airport and keeping everything clean and in shape.

Waranda is perhaps the most alien of the three airport staffers; she lacks any sort of facial features, and speaks and hears by vibrations of fine hairs and strips that dangle from her ragged body. She doesn't seem to have any sense of sight at all, in the conventional sense, but she insists she has other senses that compensate for it—though she's a bit vague about the details. Maximus Blaine can sometimes be a bit headstrong, but generally knows what he's doing, and of the three is the one most prone to take the initiative in emergencies, or even in non-emergencies like deciding what to have for lunch. Finally, Cole Darling is both the youngest and the smallest of the three, and tends to defer to the other two. The airport gift shop was Cole's idea, though all three of them have a part in it now; it's open even when the airport itself isn't in use (which is most of the time), and the infrequent sales of its eclectic wares do provide a small but real bonus on top of their salaries.