Teras Terrace

A Matter of Time

2:41 am, March 16 2014

Welp. I know the updates have been kind of sparse. I've been putting up a new character every week (well, I have missed a week here and there, but I've always caught up), but there hasn't been a whole lot else going on here. There's a reason for that, and I guess I ought to lay it on the table.

The truth is, for various reasons not worth going into here, the last couple of months I've been extremely busy. And I'm likely to remain so until mid-May. Teras Terrace is a project I definitely want to see through to completion, and I have a lot of hope and plans for, but... the fact is, there are other things I've had to deal with, and I just don't have time for it right now.

But. In May, my schedule should open up in a big way. And so in May, I'll finally have time for all the projects I've been putting off for the moment. Of which Teras Terrace is one of the foremost.

So I guess the upshot is, unfortunately, don't expect a lot of updates during the next month or two. Oh, I'll still get up a new character every week, but aside from that I won't have a lot to show.

But come May, that's going to change. Starting in May, Teras Terrace is going to become a major priority for me.

And one way or the other, I am going to get this done. Just... not for another month or two.

Thanks for following along.